The Selling Process

Do you conduct appraisals prior to listing?

Absolutely! Book a date and time that suits you, and the Arizto agent who specialises in your area will meet with you in person to appraise your home, and talk you through the selling process.

Click the green button at the top of the screen to book your free appraisal now.

Do you advertise on the same platforms as traditional agencies?

We do! We advertise with Trademe, realestate.co.nz, oneroof.co.nz, homes.co.nz, hougarden.com and right here on the Arizto website. We also utilise the power of social media, and leverage targeting capabilities to get your home in front of thousands of potential buyers on NZ’s largest open buyer databases.

Does Arizto list commercial properties?

Yes, on a case by case basis.

How long will you market my property for?

There is no set end date for our services. We will continue to market and advertise your property for as long as it takes to sell, or until you decide to withdraw your listing. In rare circumstances, if we have been marketing for a long period of time and the buyer market does not see value in your property at the price you require, we will advise you that we cannot sell the property at the level of your expectations and will advise that it would be best to cease marketing.

How long will my house take to sell?

Although there are many varying factors in the property industry, and we can’t determine exactly how long it will take to sell your home, on average across New Zealand a house takes 6 weeks to sell. Sometimes, a house can sell within a few days, other times it takes a few months, and sometimes, if the property is on the market for too long, it can lose its appeal and become ‘stale’, which can affect the final sale value. A home that is beautifully presented, marketed correctly and priced fairly will typically sell within a 4 week timeframe and most likely achieve a premium price, which is why we strategically market Arizto properties keeping this knowledge in mind.

Does Arizto manage rentals or find tenants?

No, that is not a service that we currently offer. If we move into this space, we will let you know via email or our Facebook page.

Will you run open-homes?

Yes, we will! These will be organised by your agent on dates and at times that suit you.

Do you run Auctions? How much extra do they cost?

Yes, we do run auctions! If you decide to auction your property, we will charge you an extra $800 at time of listing to cover the Auctioneers Fee, this is a non refundable fee even if the Auction is cancelled prior to the Auction date.

For a low fee, do you still do everything that’s required to sell a home?

Absolutely. In fact, some of our reviews suggest we do what’s required - and more!

“Really easy to deal with and great communication. The tech was good too, we had constant updates and had it all on our phone the whole time. So I don't think we missed out on anything by not using a traditional real estate agent. And if anything we actually got a better service level!”

Our business model and technological platform allows us to collate the necessary marketing collateral and get your property listed to Trademe, realestate.co.nz, the Arizto website and Facebook extremely efficiently, plus we conduct important buyer reports upfront to minimise friction at the end of a sale. Because we take the prospecting and marketing responsibilities off our agents, they are free to focus on providing a superior level of customer service that goes above and beyond. Book your free appraisal, and you’ll experience what we mean firsthand!

What happens during an appraisal?

Before you list with us, you’ll have the opportunity to book in a free, no obligation appraisal at a time and date that suits you. After you’ve confirmed your appraisal date and time, via email, you’ll receive:

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) - a selection of recent sales in your area, which buyers in today’s market will be comparing your property to; A list of Arizto’s marketing inclusions; a list of ‘steps to sale’ - the full process from end to end when selling with us
T’s and C’s, and a list of legal obligations that you’ll need to be across if you choose to sell with us

On the day of your appraisal, our agent will view your property, answer any questions you have and, within 24 hours, send through a comprehensive and personalised appraisal for your property. From there, if you decide to list with Arizto, we can sign the Agency Agreement electronically and get underway with preparation of the marketing!

Do you do tenders?

Yes we do - at no additional fee!

Are we locked into a sole agency contract?

We don’t believe in locking you in, so all of our contracts are open/general agencies.

Our Company and Technology

Arizto runs at a lower rate than traditional agencies - is Arizto a discount company?

While we do offer a fixed rate service, we are by no means a discount company. We have worked hard to build a business and platform that is streamlined and efficient, and have leveraged technology so we can list homes at a consistently high quality standard. Because we built our business and platform with scale in mind, we are able to pass the long term savings onto you, the vendor, in the form of our fixed fee.

We have an in-house team of full-time staff who manage reporting, marketing and customer support so we can collate listing materials and get homes listed quickly and professionally. Our agents work from a bespoke Arizto native mobile app, meaning they are able to work from anywhere that has an internet connection, which reduces overheads and physical resources. As a vendor, you will have access to a personal online dashboard, which will give you real-time updates in regards viewing times, buyer feedback, offers and more, so you are in the know every step of the way. Plus, we utilise electronic signatures to further reduce overheads and do our bit toward a more sustainable future.

To reiterate, although we run at a lower-than-average fee, we are in no way a discount company!

How is Arizto different to other agencies that offer a low rate?

While comparisons may be drawn between Arizto and other low fee agencies, our business model is very different. Through a number of innovations, we’ve worked hard to develop a system that leverages technology, and an internal structure that reduces overheads, so that, despite our lower cost offering, we are able to scale and remain profitable.

For a quick overview, our bespoke native app enables our agents to work efficiently across the country from any location with an internet connection, and we can operate the entire company from a single office in Auckland. We also have a range of in-house specialists to cover photography, marketing, video, copywriting, customer support, reports, documentation and more, allowing for a much more efficient process. Our business model sees each agent allocated to postcodes meaning prospective leads come to them, which reduces their traditional workload by about 80% and allows them to sell homes more efficiently. They can enjoy a competitive income, our business can afford to run at a lower cost, and YOU reap the benefits of our innovations in the form of our low fee!

What makes Arizto a sustainable company?

At Arizto, we want to take responsibility, and do our bit toward a more sustainable future. We have taken away a lot of the need for physical resources, and built our platform in such a way that we are able to collate, store and manage all marketing materials, reporting and documentation on a CMS, or content management system, which is where our in-house team of marketers, support and reporting staff work from. Similarly, our agents work off a native agent app, and all documents are able to be signed using an electronic signature. We are leading the way for sustainability in real-estate, and we hope other companies will follow!

Is Arizto a New Zealand owned company?

Yes, Arizto is 100% New-Zealand owned and operated! Our support office is based in East Tamaki, Auckland.

I am not tech-savvy - can I still use the Arizto service?

Absolutely! We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to produce a simple, straightforward and easy to use online dashboard for vendors. It is designed to receive up to the minute information about your listing, including open-home times, buyer feedback and offers, and acts as a means for you to track the whole process in real time - but you don’t need to use it in order to sell your home, as our agents will keep you across absolutely everything! You can still go through the full Arizto process without touching a computer.

Our Agents and Locations

Are all agents licensed?

Yes, as a requirement, all Arizto agents must be licensed by the REA.

How many agents does Arizto employ?

Arizto is expanding rapidly and now employs over 200 sales people nationwide and growing.

Where does Arizto currently sell homes?

Currently, Arizto lists and sells homes in Auckland, Bay Of Plenty, Canterbury, Gisborne, Hawke's Bay, Manawatu / Whanganui, Marlborough, Nelson / Tasman, Northland, Otago, Southland, Taranaki, Waikato, Wellington and West Coast. We will continue to move into other areas as demand grows!

Do agents get any more for running open homes?

No – all of our agents will run open homes on your behalf at no additional cost.

How is the process made more efficient for agents?

We have worked with a team of experienced agents to develop bespoke technology innovations which streamline traditional tasks to make Arizto’s process more efficient.

Each one of our agents have their own personal native app where they store information about appraisals, current listings and sold properties, meaning they don’t need to work from or report to specific offices. Our business model sees reporting, marketing and listing tasks brough in-house, and all of this collateral is managed on a content management system (CMS), which allows our agents to stay across all information without having to organise or manage it. We have also built an online dashboard for vendors, which allows you to receive up to the minute updates about all important info, so you don’t have to chase or feel out of the loop.

From appraisal to sale, this technology, used exclusively by Arizto, effectively streamlines the entire real-estate process. With the number of responsibilities greatly reduced, and because all information is centralised and accessible, our agents are free to focus on what they are good at - which is selling your home!

Arizto Marketing

What marketing is included for free?

The free marketing covers everything you need to list and sell your property effectively, including a licensed agent to oversee your sale, professional photography, HD videography and copywriting; Certificate of Title, Rental Appraisal and Floor Plans; marketing across TradeMe, Realestate.co.nz, homes.co.nz, oneroof.co.nz, hougarden.co.nz, Facebook; plus a signboard installed outside your property.

Where will my property be advertised?

We believe in the importance of giving your home visibility in the right places, which is why, as part of the marketing package included for free, your property be advertised on arizto.co.nz, realestate.co.nz, oneroof.co.nz, homes.co.nz hougarden.co.nz and Facebook - utilising deliberate and specific targeting.

What marketing upgrades do you offer?

We offer Trademe Feature upgrades, dusk shots, social media upgrades, LIM Report, Property File and home staging. Costs of these upgrades will be provided to you by your agent in writing and can be upgraded either at the start of the campaign, or throughout.

Why doesn’t Arizto advertise in the paper?

Research shows that most buyers are now searching for homes online. With our innovative technology, clever targeting and marketing initiatives, we are able to reach thousands more potential buyers in the places where they are looking for homes, meaning your home gets more exposure, more views - and, ideally, more interested parties.

How long will my marketing campaign run for?

Your targeted Facebook marketing campaign will run for up to four weeks. Your property will remain listed on TradeMe, realestate.co.nz, homes.co.nz, hougarden.com, oneroof.co.nz, and the Arizto website until SOLD.

How is Arizto marketing different to other real-estate companies?

We take pride in our business and in our marketing. We provide a fully comprehensive, all inclusive professional marketing package for every home we list, all provided at no cost to our sellers. By treating every listing with the same amount of respect, and by showcasing your home in the best possible light, we are able to maintain consistency, efficiency and quality when marketing Arizto homes.

What makes Arizto different from other real-estate companies is that we employ a full-time in-house marketing team, who are constantly innovating to ensure our properties stand out. Arizto marketing is forward thinking, and, signboards aside, we market and promote exclusively on the platforms online where the vast majority of buyers are. Part of our strategy is to promote heavily across Facebook and social media, as we are able to deliberately target people in the right areas to get your home in front of the most potential buyers possible. Our team remains agile to ensure that we are across updates, feedback and new ideas to give your home the best chance of being sold!