Payment Info

How does the $7,500 flat fee work?

At Arizto, we value fairness and full transparency, which is why we charge a flat fee to sell your home. Here’s what you can expect -

After your free appraisal has been conducted and you’ve decided to sell with us, you’ll pay the initial $2,500 fee. This covers the cost to collate and create everything you need to list and sell your property effectively, including professional photography, videography and copywriting; a Council Property File, meth test, Property Title, LIM Report, Rental Appraisal and Floor Plans; marketing across TradeMe, Realestate.co.nz and Facebook; plus a signboard installed outside your property.

You’ll be teamed with the same licensed Arizto real-estate agent who conducted your appraisal and specialises in your area, and they will work with you across the whole selling process to conduct viewings and manage negotiations to take you from listing to SOLD. You’ll also get access to your own personal dashboard where you can receive feedback, view offers and get up to the minute information about how your listing is tracking.

The final sales fee of $5,000 is deducted from the buyers’ deposit after the unconditional date, meaning that, aside from enjoying the money you save on traditional commission fees, you won’t have to do a thing!

Does the flat fee price include GST?

Yes, the flat fee includes GST.

Is the initial $2,500 flat fee refundable?

The initial flat fee covers the cost to collate your marketing material and get your property listed on the market. This is not refundable, however, should you choose to list with another company or withdraw your Arizto listing, you do get to keep all of the marketing materials we create for you, and you are free to use them as you wish.

What if I can’t afford the $2,500 upfront fee in full?

We have a finance option available should you want to pay the upfront fee over time. The details are as follows:

- No repayments for 90 days
- Low $165 set-up fee
- $1.80 monthly service fee
- 1.53% per month interest rate
- 15-month repayment term. The first 3 are payment free, then 12-months of monthly payments (if required)
- $10 early settlement fee waived if repaid within 90 days

You can discuss this with your agent at the time of your free appraisal, or contact our Support Team to learn more by calling 0800 540 550 or emailing [email protected]

Are there any other fees involved if I sell my house with Arizto?

If you decide to run an auction, to cover auctioneer fees, Arizto will charge an additional $500 on top of the standard $7,500 flat fee.

In terms of other fees, at the time of sale you will need your own lawyer to process the legal conveyancing and title transaction. Lawyers fees can vary, so we recommend you contact them for an accurate quote.

What happens if my house sells for more or less than expected? Do you have a different fee structure?

Regardless of what your home sells for, even if it’s tens of thousands over what was expected, we always charge a set fee of $5,000 at the completion of the sale.

If I sell more than one property, do I get a discount?

No, our flat-fee is the same whether you sell one property or one-hundred.

If my property sells in a short amount of time, will I have to pay less?

No, $7,500 is a fixed fee, regardless of how quickly your home sells. With our streamlined business structure, it is our aim to list homes with efficiency. Part of the reason we can afford to run at a fixed rate is because we put the same effort into every listing and treat each with the same amount of value, so if your home sells quickly, we are doing everything right!

Where does the $5,000 come from to pay the success fee? Will I have to transfer this directly to you?

Here’s some good news - regarding the final success fee - you don’t have to do a thing! After the unconditional date, we take $5,000 straight from the buyer’s deposit. The remaining balance of the deposit is then transferred to your solicitor, and they handle it from there.

If I am re-listing with Arizto as my property didn’t sell with a traditional agency and I already have photos and a floor-plan, do I receive a discount?

Unfortunately, no. To keep our business running at a low fixed-fee, and to achieve the highest level of impact for each listing, we create our Arizto marketing packages very deliberately to a consistently high quality standard. In the initial $2,500 fee, you will receive a refreshed floor plan and a set of high quality photos, plus HD videography and bespoke copy-writing, and we will use this collateral collectively to effectively promote your home to the people that matter - aka, your potential buyer!

$7,500 including GST seems low!! There must be hidden costs?

$7,500 IS a good price - but we think it’s a fair one. We’ve set up our business by using clever innovations and leveraging technology to reduce overheads and streamline our processes, meaning there are no hidden costs when you sell your home with Arizto. Aside from optional upgrades (for example, it will cost you another $500 if you decide to hold an auction), you will never get any nasty financial surprises from us.

The Selling Process

Do you conduct appraisals prior to listing?

Absolutely! Book a date and time that suits you, and the Arizto agent who specialises in your area will meet with you in person to appraise your home, and talk you through the selling process.

Click here to book your free appraisal now.

Do you advertise on the same platforms as traditional agencies?

We do! We advertise with Trademe (NZ’s number one real-estate site), realestate.co.nz (currently number two) and right here on the Arizto website. We also utilise the power of social media, and leverage targeting capabilities to get your home in front of thousands of potential buyers on NZ’s largest open buyer databases.

Does Arizto list commercial properties?

No - at this stage, Arizto only lists residential properties.

For the initial $2,500, how long will you market my property for?

There is no end date for our services. We will continue to market and advertise your property for as long as it takes to sell, or until you decide to withdraw your listing.

What happens if my house doesn’t sell?

There is no timeframe on an Arizto listing, meaning we will never pull your property before it’s sold unless you want us to. If you do decide to withdraw your listing, you won’t be required to pay the final success fee of $5,000; however, the initial marketing fee of $2,500 is not refundable. The good news is that, because this initial flat fee covered your marketing assets, if you withdraw your listing these will become yours to keep and re-use as you please!

How long will my house take to sell?

Although there are many varying factors in the property industry, and we can’t determine exactly how long it will take to sell your home, on average across New Zealand a house takes 34 days to sell. Sometimes, a house can sell within a few days, other times it takes a few months, and sometimes, if the property is on the market for too long, it can lose its appeal and become ‘stale’, which can affect the final sale value. A home that is beautifully presented, marketed correctly and priced fairly will typically sell within a 4 week timeframe and most likely achieve a premium price, which is why we strategically market Arizto properties keeping this knowledge front mind.

Does Arizto manage rentals or find tenants?

No, that is not a service that we currently offer. If we move into this space, we will let you know via email or our Facebook page.

Will you run open-homes?

Yes, we will! These will be organised by your agent on dates and at times that suit you.

Does Arizto have a buyer database?

Arizto has the country’s largest open buyer database; we do not rely on individuals alone to bring buyers to the property. Unlike other agencies, our listing agents have access to the full database to ensure no opportunity is missed.

Do you run Auctions? How much extra do they cost?

Yes, we do run auctions! If you decide to auction your property, we will charge you an extra $500 on top of the $7,500 flat fee.

For a fixed fee, do you still do everything that’s required to sell a home?

Absolutely. In fact, some of our reviews suggest we do what’s required - and more!

“Really easy to deal with and great communication. The tech was good too, we had constant updates and had it all on our phone the whole time. So I don't think we missed out on anything by not using a traditional real estate agent. And if anything we actually got a better service level!”

Our business model and technological platform allows us to collate the necessary marketing collateral and get your property listed to Trademe, realestate.co.nz, the Arizto website and Facebook extremely efficiently, plus we conduct important buyer reports upfront to minimise friction at the end of a sale. Because we take the prospecting and marketing responsibilities off our agents, they are free to focus on providing a superior level of customer service that goes above and beyond. Book your free appraisal, and you’ll experience what we mean firsthand!

What happens during an appraisal?

Before you list with us, you’ll have the opportunity to book in a free, no obligation appraisal at a time and date that suits you. After you’ve confirmed your appraisal date and time, via email, you’ll receive:

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) - a selection of recent sales in your area, which buyers in today’s market will be comparing your property to
A list of Arizto’s marketing inclusions
A list of ‘steps to sale’ - the full process from end to end when selling with us
T’s and C’s, and a list of legal obligations that you’ll need to be across if you choose to sell with us

On the day of your appraisal, our agent will view your property, answer any questions you have and, within 24 hours, send through a comprehensive and personalised appraisal for your property. From there, if you decide to list with Arizto, you’ll pay the initial $2,500 fee - and you’ll be away!

Do you do tenders?

Yes we do - at no additional fee!

Are we locked into a sole agency contract?

We don’t believe in locking you in, so all of our contracts are open/general agencies.

What happens if someone from another agency has a buyer? Do they get a commission?

No, we believe this is a conflict of interest—a buyer’s agent should be paid by the buyer to negotiate on their behalf. We do not believe that the seller should pay a buyer’s agent to negotiate against them, so a buyer’s agent will never receive any form of commission from Arizto.

Our Company and Technology

Arizto runs at a lower rate than traditional agencies - is Arizto a discount company?

While we do offer a fixed rate service, we are by no means a discount company. We have worked hard to build a business and platform that is streamlined and efficient, and have leveraged technology so we can list homes at a consistently high quality standard. Because we built our business and platform with scale in mind, we are able to pass the long term savings onto you, the vendor, in the form of our fixed fee.

We have an in-house team of full-time staff who manage reporting, marketing and customer support so we can collate listing materials and get homes listed quickly and professionally. Our agents work from a bespoke Arizto native mobile app, meaning they are able to work from anywhere that has an internet connection, which reduces overheads and physical resources. As a vendor, you will have access to a personal online dashboard, which will give you real-time updates in regards viewing times, buyer feedback, offers and more, so you are in the know every step of the way. Plus, we utilise electronic signatures to further reduce overheads and do our bit toward a more sustainable future.

To reiterate, although we run at a flower-than-average fee, we are in no way a discount company!

How is Arizto different to other agencies that offer a flat fee rate?

While comparisons may be drawn between Arizto and other flat fee agencies, our business model is very different. Through a number of innovations, we’ve worked hard to develop a system that leverages technology, and an internal structure that reduces overheads, so that, despite our lower cost offering, we are able to scale and remain profitable.

For a quick overview, our bespoke native app enables our agents to work efficiently across the country from any location with an internet connection, and we can operate the entire company from a single office in Auckland. We also have a range of in-house specialists to cover photography, marketing, video, copywriting, customer support, meth testing, reports, documentation and more, allowing for a much more efficient process. Our business model sees each agent allocated to postcodes meaning prospective leads come to them, which reduces their traditional workload by about 80% and allows them to sell homes more efficiently. They can enjoy a competitive income, our business can afford to run at a lower cost, and YOU reap the benefits of our innovations in the form of our fixed fee!

What makes Arizto a sustainable company?

At Arizto, we want to take responsibility, and do our bit toward a more sustainable future. We have taken away a lot of the need for physical resources, and built our platform in such a way that we are able to collate, store and manage all marketing materials, reporting and documentation on a CMS, or content management system, which is where our in-house team of marketers, support and reporting staff work from. Similarly, our agents work off a native agent app, and all documents are able to be signed using an electronic signature. We are leading the way for sustainability in real-estate, and we hope other companies will follow!

I am not tech-savvy, can I still use the Arizto service?

Absolutely! We’ve worked hard to produce a simple, easy to use online dashboard. It allows you to keep track of the process, but it’s not necessary in selling your home. You can still go through the full Arizto process to sell your home, without touching a computer!

Is Arizto a New Zealand owned company?

Yes, Arizto is 100% New-Zealand owned and operated! Our support office is based in Manukau. You can read more about how our founder, Pernell Callaghan, and the story of how Arizto went from idea to launch by clicking here.

I am not tech-savvy - can I still use the Arizto service?

Absolutely! We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to produce a simple, straightforward and easy to use online dashboard for vendors. It is designed to receive up to the minute information about your listing, including open-home times, buyer feedback and offers, and acts as a means for you to track the whole process in real time - but you don’t need to use it in order to sell your home, as our agents will keep you across absolutely everything! You can still go through the full Arizto process without touching a computer.

Our Agents and Locations

I’m concerned.. They work for a lower rate, so does Arizto hire only entry level agents with no real-estate experience?

We understand the importance of having a great team on the ground, so at Arizto we only hire trusted agents with proven track records who, on average, have had 7 years experience. It’s our business model that attracts talented agents to our team. Unlike traditional agencies, our agents don’t have to prospect for new leads, which typically takes up about 80% of an agent's time, nor do they have to organise the marketing of each home. This means they are free to focus exclusively on selling a home efficiently and effectively, and as a result are able to turn over a higher volume of sales to make a competitive income.

As a vendor, you’ll be given the opportunity to rate and review the level of service you received, with final sale price being a factor in the rating you give. Our agents want to obtain a fantastic price for each home for their own long term growth, and because, as a requirement, they are passionate about providing the highest level of service!

How do I know you will get the most for my property when your agents are not being paid a percentage of the total sale value?

Arizto only works with experienced, licensed agents who provide a high level of customer service. Our agents are still incentivised by a success fee at the completion of a sale, and although they may not receive as much as traditional real-estate agents, our streamlined, efficient business model allows them to provide a higher level of customer service for each client they serve. Rather than having to spend time and energy on prospecting, marketing, reporting and listing, these tasks are managed, collated and created to a consistently high standard by a in-house team, which means, as well as quality service, our agents are free to focus exclusively on doing what they do best - selling your home!.

Are all agents licensed?

Yes, as a requirement, all Arizto agents must be licensed by the REA.

How are Arizto agents assigned?

Agents are assigned to properties based on location (organised by postcode). This ensures that your agent will have a thorough knowledge of your area.

How many agents does Arizto employ?

Currently, Arizto employs 17 agents. We will be looking to hire more agents as we continue to expand.

That doesn’t seem like that many - will they be able to handle the workload?

Due to our incredibly streamlined business model, because our agents don’t have to prospect for new listings or organise marketing, they are able to handle 4 times as many listings as a traditional agent at any one time. By taking prospecting and marketing tasks off their hands and bringing them in-house, our agents are able to focus primarily on selling homes and providing the highest level of customer service, meaning they are only becoming more effective every single day!

How are Arizto agents assigned?

As well as being experienced, to ensure that each one of our agents is specialised in the location they work and have unrivalled local knowledge, we assign listings based on postcodes. When you list with Arizto, you can rest assured that your agent knows the ins-and-outs of your area, and is able to sell your home effectively as a result.

Where does Arizto currently sell homes?

Currently, Arizto lists and sells homes in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga. Our next territories will be Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch, and from there, we will continue to move into other areas as demand grows!

Do agents get any more for running open homes?

No – all of our agents will run open homes on your behalf at no additional cost.

How is the process made more efficient for agents?

We have worked with a team of experienced agents to develop bespoke technology innovations which streamline traditional tasks to make Arizto’s process more efficient.

Each one of our agents have their own personal native app where they store information about appraisals, current listings and sold properties, meaning they don’t need to work from or report to specific offices. Our business model sees reporting, marketing and listing tasks brough in-house, and all of this collateral is managed on a content management system (CMS), which allows our agents to stay across all information without having to organise or manage it. We have also built an online dashboard for vendors, which allows you to receive up to the minute updates about all important info, so you don’t have to chase or feel out of the loop.

From appraisal to sale, this technology, used exclusively by Arizto, effectively streamlines the entire real-estate process. With the number of responsibilities greatly reduced, and because all information is centralised and accessible, our agents are free to focus on what they are good at - which is selling your home!

Arizto Marketing

What marketing costs are covered in the $2,500 fee?

The initial $2,500 covers the cost to collate and create everything you need to list and sell your property effectively, including professional photography, HD videography and copywriting; a Council Property File, meth test, Property Title, LIM Report, Rental Appraisal and Floor Plans; marketing across TradeMe, Realestate.co.nz and Facebook; plus a signboard installed outside your property.

Where will my property be advertised?

We believe in the importance of giving your home visibility in the right places, which is why, as part of the marketing package covered by the initial $2,500 fee, your property be advertised on arizto.co.nz, realestate.co.nz, Facebook and as a Premium Feature on Trade Me. Using deliberate and specific targeting, Facebook marketing will put your home in front of the biggest open buyer database in New Zealand.

As well as all of this, we are currently in the process of integrating with homes.co.nz, oneroof.co.nz and juwai.com.

What is a Trade Me Premium feature, and why do I need it?

Trade Me is currently New Zealand’s number one real-estate website, so you know that a huge number of homes are listed on the site, and a premium feature is the most prominent form of advertising on the Trade Me website. To get in front of the highest number of potential buyers, we go beyond a standard listing and make it premium to boost it up in the search and ensure that as many people see it as possible. This premium listing is Arizto standard, and the cost is covered in the initial $2,500 fee, so you don’t even have to think twice!

What marketing upgrades do you offer?

We offer realestate.co.nz upgrades, dusk shots and home staging. Extra upgrades will be listed on the site as they become available.

Why doesn’t Arizto advertise in the paper?

Research shows that most buyers are now searching for homes online. With our innovative technology, clever targeting and marketing initiatives, we are able to reach thousands more potential buyers in the places where they are looking for homes, meaning your home gets more exposure, more views - and, ideally, more interested parties.

What is a LIM Report and a Property File? Why is this part of the marketing package?

We include certain reports as part of our marketing package so that before placing an offer, our buyers feel confident that they are buying a fully legal and compliant property. By providing these reports upfront, potential buyers are more informed from the outset and, as a result, are empowered to make faster decisions.

LIM stands for Land Information Memorandum. It outlines any consents, permits, swimming pool fence regulations, public services, flood paths and contours, and we obtain this on your behalf from Council.

The Property File has copies of the actual consent documents, original floor plans, elevations and drainage plans, and is also obtained from Council.

If I am selling a section, do I receive a discount because you will not be doing a floor plan or meth test?

Unfortunately, no - we charge the same fixed fee regardless of what type of property you are selling, or what marketing assets you may already have. We run all our services at a fixed price method to increase efficiency and maintain consistency across the brand.

How long will my marketing campaign run for?

Your targeted Facebook marketing campaign will run for three weeks, and will remain listed on realestate.co.nz, Trade Me and the Arizto website until SOLD.

How is Arizto marketing different to other real-estate companies?

We take pride in our business and in our marketing. We provide a fully comprehensive, all inclusive professional marketing package for every home we list, and it’s all covered by the initial $2,500 upfront fee. By treating every listing with the same amount of respect, and by showcasing your home in the best possible light, we are able to maintain consistency, efficiency and quality when marketing Arizto homes.

What makes Arizto different from other real-estate companies is that we employ a full-time in-house marketing team, who are constantly innovating to ensure our properties stand out. Arizto marketing is forward thinking, and, signboards aside, we market and promote exclusively on the platforms online where the vast majority of buyers are. Part of our strategy is to promote heavily across Facebook and social media, as we are able to deliberately target people in the right areas to get your home in front of the most potential buyers possible. Our team remains agile to ensure that we are across updates, feedback and new ideas to give your home the best chance of being sold!